The SAT and ACT generally test the same types of content. Both ACT and SAT scores are used for college admissions and merit-based scholarships. The biggest differences between the tests are that the ACT has a Science Test, and  there’s one SAT Math Section for which you cannot use a calculator. Colleges don’t prefer one over the other, so explore both tests to decide which one is right for you.We believe that preparing for standardized tests should not only improve scores but also equip students with the tools for enhanced performance across all their academic work.


SSAT stands for the Secondary School Admissions Test, and it’s used for admission to private middle schools and high schools. If you’re looking to attend an elite private middle or high school, this is a test you’ll need to do well on. Our program approaches standardized test preparation in a unique way, by teaching the foundations of SSAT concepts before reviewing and building upon ideas from previous lessons. As a result, students steadily consolidate knowledge and skills needed to improve their scores and strengthen their confidence.Our approach to the SSAT is educational: we emphasize the core verbal reasoning skills, math concepts, reading techniques, and vocabulary that comprise the foundation of material tested on the SSAT. The SSAT may be a student’s first major standardized test; we believe that by focusing on key concepts, our students can confidently achieve success both on the SSAT and in their future academic work.



The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is developed and administered by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) to help determine a student’s admission qualifications. The exam is administered on four levels, depending on the test taker’s grade level. The total exam time depends on the test level. For all levels, the essay is nott included in the test score. Instead, a copy is sent to the schools you request to receive your scores.




The GRE is a standardized exam used to measure one’s aptitude for abstract thinking. Our educational approach to GRE preparation emphasizes core principles in math, reading, logic, and writing underlying content and skills measured by the test. We believe that standardized tests are opportunities for mastering concepts that not only prepare students for the test but also help students as they continue their academic and professional careers,writing, mathematics and vocabulary. The GRE is commonly used by many graduate schools to determine an applicant’s eligibility for the program.



We emphasize the core concepts in math. Our students often find that as they complete our program, they also see improvements in their academic
Students work intensively with their tutors to master essent We will tailor an academic plan responsive to each student’s particular needs and goals.

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Calculus Tutor

Calculus: Most colleges require ap calculus courses. Our tutoring is ready to help with your topics

Algebra Tutor

Comprehensive Algebra tutoring for any grade level.  Algebra is critically important because it is often viewed as a gatekeeper to higher-level mathematics

Geometry Tutor

Improve your skills and concepts of geometrics, spaces, points, lines, the x-y-z coordinate system, angles, circle geometry, perimeters, area, and volume.

Statistics Tutor

If you need statisitics tutoring, you need to analysis, interpretation, and presentation of numerical and data collection of quantitative data to connect with a college tutor who specializes in exactly what you need and who has vast experience already, in the subject at hand and in tutoring.

English Tutor

Students will improve their essay writing skills sharpen their writing skills and learn to present effective arguments, with proper grammar usage. Students will be coached through helpful reading techniques, literary devices and other relevant topics.