SAT vs ACT: Gables Tutoring Test Prep Will Prepare You for Both


Are you planning to take the ACT or the new SAT? The standardized tests are similar, but there are some important differences between the two. Gables Tutoring in Coral Gables, Florida, can prepare students for whichever test they choose. Gables Tutoring’s staff of experienced educators can prepare students for both exams.

While the old SAT focused on a broad range of content and skills, the new SAT will feature an in-depth analysis of content and evidence. In the new SAT, the math section will be quite different than it was in previous tests. While the old SAT math section focused on computational skills and ability, it will now evaluate students’ problem-solving and data analysis skills. In the past, test-takers could use a calculator for the entire math section, but now they can only use a calculator for part of it. The good news is that points will not be lost for incorrect answers.

The best way to ensure your success on the ACT or the SAT is to prepare thoroughly and approach it with self-confidence. The tutoring services and test preparation available at Gables Tutoring will assist students with both. This tutoring center offers help in a wide range of subject areas and has tutors who are experienced in the areas they teach. To learn more information or to get started, call Gables Tutoring at (786) 972-1602 or schedule online by visiting their website.

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