HSPT: Preparing for Private School Entrance Exams

Students interested in applying to private high school should know about the HSPT. It stands for High School Placement Test and is given twice a year, in the spring and the fall. This exam is used for the admissions process, scholarship selection, and curriculum placement in many private high schools. There are five sections on the HSPT exam: 

1) Quantitative Skills (52 questions)

2) Verbal Skills (60 questions) 

3) Reading (62 questions)

4) Mathematics (64 questions)

5) Language (60 questions)

The entire exam is multiple choice and lasts approximately two and a half hours. The HSPT exam is scored on a scale with 200 as the lowest possible score and 800 as the highest score. In addition to the standard score, students will receive their national and local percentiles, which indicate how their scores compares to other students. Each school that uses the HSPT has a different set score that constitutes as “passing” or “acceptable” so be sure to do some research on the schools you want to apply to. This way you’ll know more about the range you should be striving for to be a successful applicant. 

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